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LashVana Cluster Lash Kit

LashVana Cluster Lash Kit

✨ Salon Quality Lash Extensions

✨ Natural Look & Feel

✨ Waterproof & Reusable

✨ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


LashVana Cluster Lash Kit

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Get flawless, salon-quality lashes at home with our easy-to-use Cluster Lash Kit.


  • 240 Individual Lash Clusters: Featuring 5 mixed lengths, these clusters allow you to create the perfect blend of volume, length, and shape. Typically, 4-6 clusters per eye are sufficient, making one box enough for multiple applications.
  • Bond+Sealer: Our dual-tip applicator features a bond on one end and a sealer on the other, ensuring your lashes stay securely in place all day.
  • Lash Remover: Easily and gently remove lash clusters without damaging your natural lashes.
  • Applicator: Precisely apply lash clusters with our ergonomic applicator for a seamless, natural finish.

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Salon-Quality Lashes at Home

Get the dramatic look you're looking for from the comfort of your home with our Cluster Lash Kit, designed to deliver stunning, natural-looking results with ease.

Long-Lasting, Waterproof and Durable

With our dual-tip bond and sealer, your lashes will stay perfectly in place for up to a week, ensuring you enjoy stunning, durable results that are easy to remove without damage.

Easy Application for All Skill Levels

Designed for both beginners and pros, our Cluster Lash Kit includes everything you need for a seamless application process, making it simple to achieve your desired lash look with confidence.

Got Questions?

How many lash clusters should I use per eye?

Typically, 4-6 lash clusters per eye are sufficient to achieve a natural, voluminous look. You can adjust the number based on your desired effect.

How do I apply the DIY lashes?

Gently dab the cluster lash glue (bond) on your natural eyelashes, and then apply the lash clusters in the way you like. If needed, brush a thin layer of sealer for reinforcement.

How do I remove the lash clusters?

The kit includes a gentle lash remover. Apply the remover to the lash line, wait a few moments, and then gently remove the clusters without damaging your natural lashes.

Is the kit suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The kit is designed to be easy to use, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Can the lash clusters be reused?

Yes, with proper care and cleaning, each lash cluster can be reused 3-5 times. To maximize the lifespan of your lash clusters, clean them gently after each use with a lash cleanser and store them in a clean, dry place.

Is the kit suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, our Cluster Lash Kit is suitable for sensitive eyes. The bond, sealer, and remover are all formulated to be gentle and minimize irritation. If you have particularly sensitive eyes, perform a patch test before full application.